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"The Vaneenoo-loft" is situated  over more than 30 years at the top in Belgium.

Since 1980 till now, businessman Julien Vaneenoo from Wingene has a richly filled pigeon  history with innumerable regional, provincial and (inter)national top performances in the long distance races.


Julien as industrial


In 1945 the NV Vaneenoo was founded  by Julien Vaneenoo and his father Marcel Vaneenoo. Recently the NV Vaneenoo is led by the sons Bart and Johan Vaneenoo and their wives. NV Vaneenoo is a dynamic family business, specialized in creating architectural, industrial and commercial buildings. In 1998 NV Vaneenoo was declared  winner of "the steel construction prize".

Julien the pigeon fancier


The loft of Julien Vaneenoo belongs to the best in long distance races from our national pigeon sport. This is the result of the efforts, passion, the organization talent and the management of the founder and inspirer Julien Vaneenoo who first “savored and enjoyed” the sport with his late father Marcel and later with his sons Bart and Johan, assisted by Pol Schoonbaert, Marcel Moeykens(   ) and Erwin Pollet.

The Vaneenoo team has aspired and accomplished to create one of the top lofts of the great long distance races in Belgium.





















































            (7347 pigeons, in 2009)


            (4959 pigeons, in 2003)



         (6913 pigeons, in 1993)




  • 2e Belgian Master One Loft Race Versele-Laga 2010


  • 1e Kampioen van België KBDB 2007


  • 1e National Décathlon 2007


  • 1e National Marathon 2007 


  • 1e National Superprestige 2007


  • 1e prov. Ace-pigeon long distance KBDB W-VL 2007


  • 1e National Champion I.F.C. 4000: 1999


  • 2e General Champion of Belgium KBDB 1999


  • 3e General Champion Entente Belge 2006


  • Autowinnaar voeders "Elite" 1992


  • 1e National Superprestige 1991


  • Winner National Fond Trophy 1990